Jim Fenwick


Jim Fenwick

Jim grew up abroad - Nigeria, Bangladesh, Italy - where he was exposed to all manner of danger by parents who negotiated war zones with ease. Their calm and relaxed approach was inherited by Jim, who recalls fondly the time his father give him a little chick to play with, insisting he play on the floor with it rather than stand up. Meanwhile men in the house ran around with guns. Jim later discovered it was the fall of Kampala - at the time all he cared about was the chance to fly in a little propeller plane and land on someone’s driveway in Kenya. 

Compared to this, his return to England (specifically Basingstoke) was doomed to be dull. No more curfews, no more armed guards on the school bus. So Jim threw himself into art, painting planes and boxers (Sugar Ray Leonard a favourite subject). Eventually he found himself at Winchester School of Art, painting was replaced by photography - he preferred the speed of the new medium, so went on to specialise in Fine Art Photography at Bournemouth.
Jim’s work focuses on community, and a sense of belonging. Something he never takes for granted is the power of the camera to unlock others’ lives. And he adheres to the belief that when you respect place, and people, you earn it in return.

Jim has worked with clients such as Vodafone, Formula 1, BBC, NIKE, Hermès and Adidas, to name a few.