Matt Bieler


Matt Bieler

Matt was featured in SHOOT Magazine’s 2012 New Directors Showcase and has since built an accomplished reel that is both cinematic & poetic, but always rooted in the real, the authentic. From the everyday to the extreme, there’s a visceral energy to his work and a commitment to to tell poignant and powerful stories across all mediums. From documentaries to commercials & branded content films, Matt has worked with clients such as Apple, Samsung, Bose, Adidas and Wells Fargo.

His work reflects a wide range of interests while constantly searching for the humanity in it all. In “Words By Rakim”, Bieler explores his passion for hip-hop in a portrait of the genre’s most influential MC inspired by the vinyls that birthed the art form. The documentary has been widely praised as “not only insightful into the world of an accomplished hip-hop artist, but an artistic approach to the medium of documentary shorts”. (Juxtapoz Magazine)

And his recent short film “3 Queens” is a deeply touching celebration of three moms in three different regions of the country as told through the eyes and voices of their children. The film was featured on BuzzFeed and The Huffington Post and has over 6 million views online between YouTube and Vimeo.